Tabloid’s Anti-Cycling Propganda in Full Spin

03.16.11 Bucky Turco

In case you didn’t notice yet, the New York Post really hates bikes, almost to a comical degree. Today, the paper gleefully reports on the NYPD ticketing cyclists who “recklessly blow through red lights in Central Park” on their “sporty bikes that sell for up to $10,000.” Damn those dangerous rich people!

To the average reader, this story may sound reasonable enough, but for those of us that have actually ridden through the park or are familiar with the cost of even the priciest of road bikes, it’s beyond absurd.

First off, if there was ever an argument to be made for why bikes shouldn’t be treated like vehicles it’s Central Park. Requiring cyclists to stop at each and every one of the dozens of red lights— especially when no one is coming—is patently ridiculous. Secondly, the majority of cyclists don’t ride $10,000 bikes. It’s also a claim the reporter can’t even support two short paragraphs later: “Michael Bar, 39, who was stopped for riding his $6,000 Merlin bike outside the designated lane, bellyached…” I wonder how many $500-750 road bikes whizzed before the Post scribe landed that Merlin. (Photo: frahi2001/flickr)