The rain just started in the city and it’s probably not going to stop until Sunday. Pro tip: Make sure you hit up Trader Joe’s Wine on the way home and scoop up mad bottles of Two-Buck Chuck because hurricane or not, you’re going to be inside for a long time. Luckily, it looks like Irene is a total tease and probably won’t bring her A-game up to New York.

Right now Hurricane Irene is a Category 3 storm that’s hovering around the coast of Florida. Its winds are somewhere in the 120-130 MPH range which is apparently high enough to rip mobile homes out of the ground.

By the time it gets up to New York, however, Irene’s intensity is expected to be half of that. Still, science blogger Jeff Masters is extremely nervous that Irene will flood our subway system. Whatever, with all the rats calling it home nowadays, maybe a good mass drowning is just what NYC needs right now.