Jason Schneider might be the hardest working unemployed person in New York, and he’s been more successful than your average person on the street. The amateur comedian can be found in Central Park carrying a large sign advertising “$1 Jokes,” but with the caveat that “humor is guaranteed.”

We spoke with him about just how lucrative jokes in the park can be.

Unlike his first day, where he cleared over a $100 telling jokes, he’s just hustling to pay the bills.

I am not making $140 a day.  I make more like 60-80 on a weekday and about 100-120 on a weekend. On the first day people were so pleased with uniqueness of the idea and my courage in implementing it that they tipped tremendously in encouragement.

The “guaranteed” portion of the sign means he has to sporadically give refunds. Note to Park goers, stop being so cheap; it’s a dollar for some whimsy.

I rarely give refunds these days but I am still willing to and occasionally force people to take their money back if they truly do not laugh at all.  In the beginning I also rarely gave refunds but much more than I am now.

He’s still looking for employment opportunities, but he’s able to support himself and be his own boss for now.

I am still looking for a steady and better paying comedy job, but this joke gig is full time and between it and stand-up comedy work I am able to pay my bills.  Also, I am very happy to be working outside and to be my own boss.

Toss him a bone if you’re in Central Park… assuming he makes you laugh.