When giving speeches, Governor Andrew Cuomo reportedly likes the room to be cold–even freezing, by some accounts. It’s weird! But is it also dangerous?

At Cuomo’s recent State of the State speech, audience members remained bundled up in their winter woolens, legislators complained about the chilly temps, reporters experienced “numb fingertips,” and somebody kept on their ski parka. This news comes on the heels of an earlier report by Newsday that “a building operations official had received orders from Mr. Cuomo’s office to keep the windows open throughout the previous night, when the low temperature was 36 degrees.” BRRRRR.

Health scholars say that extreme coldness can negatively impact one’s body, including the heart. “[A]nd as the temperatures falls, your risk of having a heart attack rises.” Does the governor want his audiences to have heart attacks? Or does he not believe in hypothermia, which is actually a real thing that causes mental confusion? Whatever the case, being cold is likely to distract his audiences from paying too close attention to what he’s saying, which is pretty sneaky and clever.