The Death of OTB In Video

01.06.11 Bucky Turco

On December 7th, OTB died and along with it, the hopes and dreams of drunk degenerate gamblers all across the city. Jeremy Rocklin of New York Lives, captured the betting hall’s final moments in stunning cinematic detail. Listen to one man explain how upset he is now that OTB can’t take any more of his money.

People lost their life savings playing in this game. They turned people into bums. People lost their life savings, they took everybody’s money and now they’re just closing on the people? It’s not right, they took all the people’s money. See the people in there? They’re all broke, they got no money they come in here day after day and they’re all broke from here and OTB keeps on taking everybody’s money and then they’re saying they got no money? This game made me broke! They took all my money this place, they’re constantly taking everybody’s money and they say they have no money, where does the money go?