The Fancy-Shmancy Parisian Nudie Show Documentary

08.18.11 Marina Galperina

parisFrederick Wiseman’s doc film goes into the swanky, touristy cabaret club Crazy Horse and lets you gawk at all the slim half-nude ladies with their grueling rehearsal schedule shimmy shimmy and perfectionist choreography shake shake shake. NSFW.

Chop chop, ladies! There’re two shows a night and three on Saturdays, seven days a week. Hurry, slather on that theme-de-jour make-up that makes you all look like sexy robot clones and brush out that black bob and the pony tail on your assless attire. It’s time to practice practice practice…

Mmm, this strip-chic stuff looks likes a lot of work. We’ll just peep it from here.

Crazy Horse will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival.