With the High Line park offering tours of its yet to be developed Section Three, the visitors would like to keep this section natural, thank you very much. Oh, the park is great, the art is awesome and the walk is nifty, but wouldn’t it be nice to keep some wild city intact?

Like in the good olde days when roamed only by urban adventurers, Section Three is still looking like post-Apocalyptic fantasy fodder, but for how long? With the development looming, one visitor suggested, “It would be nice if they kept it in this natural state, maybe just put in a path here but kept it in a state of preserved decay… What they have further down is nice, but they could make this like an urban Appalachian Trail.”

Now that Philly is about to eradicate their own surreal patch of lusciously green urban decay into a concrete paved park, is every surreal city patch in the country in danger of becoming sleek, snazzy and paved with concrete? (Photo: ANIMALNewYork)