RUSSIAVOTESSo, the results of the Russian parliamentary elections are in and Putin’s United Russia party won. The elections were so replete with exposed fraud, it’s hilarious, unless, of course, you live in Russia. If not, here’re some fresh YouTubes from yesterday, starting with United Russia’s illegal campaigning/bullying outside a voting center.

Bonus: United Russia’s (illegal) pro-United Russia concert… outside a voting center.

Overall, Putin’s United Russia party “won” 49.5% of the votes (down from last election’s 64%). That’s a noted dip in popularity, no matter how much cleavage and lingerie-clad college students Kremlin has thrown at the masses. But with their closest rivals being Communists at 20%, it doesn’t matter. As for the “scattered reports of voting irregularities” as criminally understated by the New York Times? Hilarious! Only not so much.

Here’s a video reportage of voting center employees discovering their “secure” ballot boxes were 1/3 pre-stuffed with mysterious ballots before the elections even began that day and a video of old Russians being escorted by the police as they are bussed in from outside regions to manipulate election results.

Videos like the one of this journalist being intimidated into turning off his camera because he needs “official written permission” to videotape the proceedings (not true) are quite replete. Watch as he brandishes his press credentials into the face of the questionable voting center’s employee (0:38), yet, it’s still “not enough.” Also, here’s a clip of pushy people (officials?) filling out the voting ballot for a senile babushka.

Other clips not included here feature voting centers’ officials being confronted with their illegitimate ballots and replying “That’s not our problem,” citizen journalists intimidated by uniformed thugs, and etc.

There have been several rallies against illegal election practices, obvs. Renegade art group Voina’s Leonid Nikolaev was violently arrested at one such rally in St. Petersburg and is missing now, obvs.

Yet, nothing sums up things as pithily as this banner carried by self-identifying Anarchists as they marched through Moscow last night, merrily firing off flares: “You’ve been fucked!” Ta-da.

(Photo: Ilya Varlamov, Tip: Michael Idov)