The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice is Back in New York City

01.06.11 Marina Galperina

Ted Williams, the homeless Man with the Golden Voice hasn’t been back to New York since the 1980’s, but here he is on NBC-TV’s Today. Williams even recorded the show’s intro. The tearjerker marathon continues!

Williams told Today that in five years, he hopes to be a radio program director and have his kids (seven daughters and two sons, all grown) love him. It’s all “outrageous” and “phenomenal” and he thanks “God of My Understanding” (AA term).

Here’s his intro:

Since videographer Doral Chenoweth’s report on Williams went viral via Reddit, offers have been pouring in. Here’s the Cavaliers/Quicken Loans rep pitching Williams a two-year contract for his voice and story (because “that’s what we’re all about”):

After learning that William’s past of drug and alcohol abuse also involved several arrests for theft and misdemeanors, the Cavaliers did not retract their offer. Also, NFL Films offered voice over work. Williams will be doing a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese promo in NYC. His gleaming 92-year-old Mom was also interviewed. And Reddit will be forking over the donations they’ve been collecting shortly. See him on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Videos via Columbus Dispatch: