The New York Post’s Editorial Vandalism of ANIMAL

01.23.11 Bucky Turco

While it’s common knowledge that the New York Post often rips off story ideas from local blogs—just ask editors from Gothamist, EV Grieve, New York Shitty, Vanishing New York, Sheepshead Bites* and a handful of others—their latest article on the bombing of the Bowery mural, which was basically lifted from several ANIMAL posts, was particularly egregious.

Now, to be fair, Post scribe Stefanie Cohen did do some original reporting. She was able to track down REMO and get quotes out of him, TWIST and others. However, it hard to believe she would even have a story had she not been trolling ANIMAL. Lets take a look at the glaring similarities and you can all decide for yourselves. UPDATE: At a little after 5pm on Monday, the New York Post corrected the story and gave proper attribution of the Kenny Scharf quote!


Scharf’s mural was next. He was filmed saying he thought his wall would be respected: “I’m not Shepard Fairey. Not to knock him or anything, but I’m not putting up wallpaper made safely in a studio.”

Hmm. Two things: 1) This statement is incorrect. 2) It’s unaccredited. Kenny Scharf exclusively gave me that quote in person and I published it here (November 29th).


No, I’m not Shepard Fairey. Not to knock him or anything, but I’m not putting up wallpaper made safely in a studio.

Other things I found disturbing in the article:


It wasn’t even complete before a tagger named NAW hit it.

This was exclusively reported on ANIMAL here (April 22nd).


A little before 2AM last night, graffiti writer NAW decided to contribute to Shepard Fairey’s 99% done mural on Houston Street…


Ironically, regular folks were inspired to write their names in pen, adding their contribution to the piece.

Again, this was also exclusively reported on ANIMAL here (November 15th) and worded similarly.


It’s kind of ironic that vandals have mostly respected the wall, while the general public hasn’t, no?

I will admit that I’m partially at fault here. I should probably have never spoken to Stefanie Cohen for 15 minutes last Wednesday and brought the clueless reporter up to speed on all the goings-on at the Bowery mural. I also should have never believed her after she frantically called me twice late last night and sent numerous text messages promising to correct the online edition, which as of 1:00PM, still hasn’t been edited. Cohen also said she’d get a printed correction—can’t wait to see that!

Btw, the two photographers who weren’t credited might want to consider contacting the Post as well:

*Ned from Sheepshead Bites tends to get ripped of by all of Newscorp’s outlets.