OWS merchandize? Really? No wait, this is actually great: Keep yourself “Anonymous” with a Guy Fawkes-stylized bandana in breathable 100% cotton batiste. Its design features a printed protest manual, with handy instructions such as “Do not speak with officers. Keep your mouth shut, comply, and request to speak with a lawyer. Do not resist arrest. Do not consent to search.”

It also provides the ACLU’s phone number (212 607 3300), a how-to for turning it into a DIY, vinegar anti-pepper spray and tear gas defense rag, and more… and it keeps you warm. “Fold bandana in half horizontally to use as half-face mask. Measure against face and cut eye holes to use as full-face mask.” Nifty.

The only issue is that it’s $16.50 and will be shipped in 2-3 weeks, so, it’s not going to come in time for remember, remember the 5th of November. Willy Bloomy chase the protestors out of Zuccotti Park by then?

The ‘Sleek and Destroy’ shop promises that “For every bandana ordered one will be sent to one of the Occupy branches worldwide. Double your effect and increase the anonymity!,” closes off with the full “We are ANONYMOUS” line, and sells other Anon schwag, so it’s up to you whether you’re comfortable cashing out for this particular “OWS™”.