The Real ‘Problem With Vandalism’

04.21.11 Bucky Turco

LA-based artist Eddie Colla took his critique of MOCA’s latest popularity contest exhibit right to the streets with this recent billboard takeover aimed squarely at the museum’s curator Jeffrey Deitch.

The outdoor advertising company that maintains the space quickly removed it, but the pithy visual communication lives on and certainly makes more sense than this lengthy diatribe in the City Journal by Heather MacDonald, whose unbridled ignorance is more destructive than any spray painted wall could ever be. This following excerpt is particularly slow-minded:

Not only would MOCA never tolerate uninvited graffiti on its walls (indeed, it doesn’t even permit visitors to use a pen for note-taking within its walls, an affectation unknown in most of the world’s greatest museums); none of its trustees would allow their Westside mansions or offices to be adorned with graffiti, either.

It’s probably safe to say they wouldn’t want a Picasso painted on the exterior of their posh homes either. Wait, what’s her point again?