The Underbelly Project, Paris: A Subterranean Graffiti Tomb, Ooh La La

11.28.11 Marina Galperina

Deep in an undisclosed location below the streets of Paris, the Underbelly Project lives again. Since Brooklyn’s temporarily secret guerrilla art gallery saw 100 graffiti and street artists, the French edition’s crew has been downsized to ten (FUTURA, SABER, more) plus a small flock of photographers and organizers.

Aside from working through a fog of spray paint in an enclosed, sealed off, practically unlit space, there was the obvious danger, summed up by Workhorse like so: “If you get seen and stopped, there really is no good way to explain why you’re entering an illegal location with a dozen cameras and spray paint. I think we were all aware of the fact that it wasn’t a time to joke around or fuck up.” Sounds like sound advice.

The Underbelly show opens in a less threatening setting at Art Basel shortly.