Don’t cringe. Americans have been wanting to see 3D war porn since the times of Civil War stereoscopes, it’s just getting a little tackier because Avatar ruined movies forever and the masses only want to see things boom bang bang all up in their face. Coming at some point, the “all CG 3D action thriller” set in Baghdad, starring Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler.

Based on the “Thunder Run – The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad” book by Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent David Zucchino, additional casting begins shortly and they’re actually going to be using Avatar capture technology for this shit:

In April 2003, three battalions and fewer than a thousand men launched a violent thrust of tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles into the heart of a city of five million, igniting a three-day blitzkrieg, which military professionals often refer to as a lightning strike, or “thunder run.” In telling the story of the surprise assault on Baghdad- one of the most decisive battles in recent American combat history–this movie paints the harrowing picture of the soldiers on the front lines and the realities of modern warfare.

That’s enterta-a-ainment.

Possible side effects? PTSD and desensitization of your very last heart string.