This work is “extremist!” The Russian courts have taken one more morally misguided step towards letting the zealots criminalize heresy by banning this Mickey Mouse as Jesus Christ mid-Sermon on the Mount art from exhibitions, newspapers, magazines and television, lest the ruling is appealed. Russia’s regressive criminal code’s Article 282 — outlawing “hate speech” in theory and censoring “religiously offensive” art in practice — strikes again!

Part of Alexander Savko’s “Mickey Mouse’s Travels Though Art History” series, it was show at the “Forbidden Art” exhibit, looking pretty tame and fluffy alongside crucified Lenin, Chechen terrorist kitsch, breasts oiled up inĀ “black gold” and amorous policemen. The art-world star curators were convicted for offending religion under Article 282 and fined, narrowly escaping being sentenced to time at a gulag-lite. The painting has been exiled:

During the court hearing, it was established that Savko’s technique of uniting the image of Jesus Christ, which is sacred for Christians, and the comical image of Mickey Mouse, which in this situation is vulgar, has turned the graphic work into a caricature of Jesus Christ. The Gospel story is therefore presented by the artist in the form of a comic, which is an extremely cynical and mocking insult to the religious beliefs and feelings of Orthodox Christian believers.

See? It’s a cynical caricature, therefore, it’s extremist. Unlike these pages from the Soviets’ Atheist propaganda magazines, chock-full of State-sanctioned cynical caricatures of Jesus Christ, Orthodox Jews and Americans. Sorry, artists. Your sentiments are not currently in vogue with current czarist fashions of Russian politics.