minimalistIs Nicolas Winding Refn’s stylish LA mob drama Drive worth a cult following? Fuck yes. Yet, as much as we love new minimalist art, we’d advice against watching this lovely, lovely video tribute if you haven’t seen the flick.

Artists Tom Haugomat and Bruno Mangyoku made this minimalist video, replete with Ryan Gosling’s bloody badassery which is really a lot more enjoyable when it springs out at you through the course of the moody, sleek, well-tempered film.

Also, the artists scored it with Glass Candy’s Digital Versicolour track from Refn’s earlier Bronson. Side note: It’s not on the Drive Soundtrack, albeit the track does fit well for a Los Angeles set film, that with the city’s perpetually festering in ’80s nostalgia. Side side note: Stop saying that David Lynch’s soundtrack go-to-guy Angelo Badalamenti scored Drive because he didn’t and everyone knows you’re saying that because you watched a pirated, unfinished screener. For shame. Go to the movies. I’m trying to help you.