The NYPD shitshow known as the ticket-fixing scandal has been going on for two years. Now that the grand jury is starting to decide whether or not it will issue indictments to corrupt cops, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what crimes these offices might be actually charged for.

The grand jury’s deliberations started on Tuesday and many cops are rightfully nervous about what’s about to happen to them.

Officer Jose Ramos is apparently the one to blame for this whole mess in the first place. His involvement with drug dealer Lee King set off the whole investigation. This led detectives right to the ticket-fixers, other members of the force tied to King, and even “four cops who allegedly beatup a business associate and helped cover it up and one who quashed any record of a domestic assault on his wife.”

The Daily News is asking readers if their opinions of the NYPD have changed “in light of the ticket fixing scandal” and the current majority of those polled obviously haven’t been paying attention to anything that they’ve been reading. 54 percent of people responded “No, it’s a nasty scandal, but the vast majority of officers are honest.” Really? Some people are not paying enough attention. (Photo: glenn Q/flickr)