This shit just got serious. On Wednesday morning, a Bronx police officer tried to kill himself by grabbing the third rail at the 238th Street station on the No. 1 subway line after he reportedly testified in front of the grand jury investigating ticket fixing.

An anonymous cop told NY1 that this is now “on the DA’s hands.”

Since the spring, the city has been looking into whether or not Bronx NYPD has been fixing tickets for the families and friends of cops, the cops themselves, and even Jay-Z.

But now the investigation has taken a surprise turn. Supposedly there will be indictments handed out to “dirty officers lining their pockets with drug cash.” While searching for the scoop on ticket fixing and minor drug-related offenses, the grand jury stumbled across information about scummy cops taking money from busted drug stashes.

A former union delegate denied any wrongdoing with fixing tickets, “There was nothing done corruption wise. I never asked for money to fix a summons, I never asked for favors to fix a summons, it was a courtesy.” Okay, so the officer didn’t take any bribes — Mazel tov. The act of fixing a ticket is corrupt enough. Can someone just go to jail already over this? (Photo: Sean Malone/flickr)