The NYPD’s ticket fixing scandal in the Bronx is entering new territory as the defense team for alleged murderer Careem Johnson, accused of fatally shooting Jose Arvelo point blank seven times, intends on using it to free him.

The case goes back to 2008 and is accompanied with video evidence depicting the gruesome attack which, anyone who watches any sort of courtroom drama knows, usually means an open and shut case. But not so fast.

Johnson’s lawyers discovered that the arresting officer was Detective Jason Allison, who was caught trying to fix a summons on wire tap earlier this year. The defense now plans on going after the ticket fixing cop with the hopes that the jury will have the case dismissed due to the officer’s lack of credibility. It’s a bit far fetched, but with Bronx juries dismissing three other cases involving ticket fixing officers, the defense has nothing to lose. (Photo: glenn Q/flickr)