Earlier today, firefighters descended on Zuccotti Park and took away the generators that Occupy Wall Street organizers were using to power up a heater in the medical tent as well as other essentials in the media area like computers, cameras, and phones.

But no need for despair, Times Up!, a NYC-based direct-action environmental group, has an alternative means of power: The energy bike. It’s essentially a stationery bike that when pedaled, generates power that can be stored in a battery.

Keegan, a member of the group who also works with OWS and narrates the video, says it would take 11 of these bikes at a total cost of about $8000 to generate the power needed to sustain the activities there. UPDATE: According to their website, they’ve “received funding for 5 bikes but need at least 5 more, and any donations above that will be used to build more energy bikes which will be sent to other occupations.”