To the Academy, Entertainment Reporters, All Others

Stop this narrative: Will Banksy show his face at the Academy Awards? Please. This ongoing myth about Banksy’s identity being secret was obnoxious in 2008, so you can imagine how it comes across in 2011. For the one millionth time, anyone capable of Googling “Banksy unmasked” knows what the well orchestrated street artist looks like. He got caught out there. It’s sad, I know, but it happened.

Whether or not he’s Robin Gunningham is still up for speculation, but for heaven’s sake, his face isn’t, which makes all the faux controversy about the Academy’s rules and Banksy’s so called anonymity all the more nauseating. Oh btw, look at how fresh and exciting this new Banksy marketing piece in LA that was probably done on a permission wall. Famous person Lauren Conrad tweeted it.