Topless FEMEN Gal Crashes the Vatican Mass

11.07.11 Marina Galperina

FEMENinItalyYesterday, FEMEN’s Alexandra Shevchenko sneaked into the Vatican and toplessly protested against the Pope’s “medieval” condemnation of contraception and abortion, during Mass. She was quickly apprehended and dragged away for four hours of captivity and near deportation.

Days after FEMEN’s sexy maid protest at Strauss-Kahn’s doorsteps in Paris, their Euro Tour continues. The day before, they crashed an anti-Berlusconi protest, donning body paint and “Fuck you, Silvio!” signs, accompanied with cheers of appreciation.

Their Vatican action was almost nearly thwarted, as the police was also aware of their itinerary and had armed themselves with head shot print-outs of all three notorious Ukrainian blondes. Yet, Alex here weaseled her way in for a few fervent rants against the “Papal patriarchal propaganda” whilst semi-dressed in some sort of dark, veil shirt-drape and a cross, disrobing, squealing and getting yanked away by men in uniform.

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