Treats!: An Aptly Named Mag

09.08.11 Tabatha McGurr

These days it’s really not hard to see a naked woman on the internet, all you have to do is enter a common word like “peach,” then go to Google images with the safesearch off and voila! But there’s hardly ever any taste or pleasing aesthetic involved – just platinum haired plastic bitches with their legs spread apart, which isn’t really my thing.

I like that tiny balance between pornography and erotica, where it gets your juices flowing but doesn’t make you ashamed to kiss your mother afterwards, which is exactly why Treats! magazine is right up my alley. It was launched in May of this year and they’ve just dropped their second issue. Expect lots of risqué editorials that nicely merges sex, art, and fashion. So go ahead, indulge in some treats…