Voina Got Arrested by Russian Cops Posing as Journalists

10.19.11 Marina Galperina

Voina’s Natalia and toddler Kasper got arrested again in an ambush by policemen pretending to be German television journalists. Mommy rebel and the Voina heir were kept in a jail cell overnight, but the wanted man and Kasper daddy Leonid made a dramatic escape via bicycle.

Apparently, Leonid got away after a high-speed pursuit on a busy highway, the plain-clothed policemen threatening to shoot him as he biked away to freedom.

All criminal charges against the group pertaining to their art actions have been dropped weeks ago by the Investigations Committee, who have decided that the police do not constitute a social group therefore you can’t commit a “hate crime” against it by overturning some cop cars. The artists still face criminal charges for participating in the Strategy 31 civil rights protests. The harassment by the authorities hasn’t stopped.

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