This is the part where I would normally bitch about epic biter hack Hirst and say “How dare he offer a £20,000 ($31,916) a year to a skilled artist assistant!” Yet, this isn’t a matter of how much he can afford to pay or whether one of his hundred elves deserves a bigger cut of the millions he makes from their labor.

Times are tough for everyone and Hirst wouldn’t be Hirst if he wasn’t profiteering on the desperation somehow. Surely, there are lots of trained artists who consider making mammal formaldehyde picklings and medical equipment knockoffs in an anonymous warehouse in Ilfracombe, UK to be a glamorous, glamorous gig for less than pay offered, which, relatively, ain’t bad. Frustrating, considering your master is peddling bediamonded bones, but not bad. (Image: Petrine Archer)