Warholphilia Forever: Andy’s $38.4M ‘Self-Portrait’ Bidding War

05.12.11 Marina Galperina

Yesterday, Christie’s Rockfeller Center salesroom “booed and hissed, applauded and laughed” in an “epic 16 minute bidding battle” for Andy Warhol’s Self-Portrait, 1963-64. Oh journalists, I do declare, that sounds most riveting indeed… but looks kinda womp womp on video. Hmm. Maybe I’m spoiled after that Orgy of the Rich at Sotheby’s. Anywho, some proper person took home Mr. Photo Booth Mug for $38.4 million because Andy’s still hot hot hot. Will New Yorkers ever stop worshiping Warhol? Judging by the sacrificial pile of Campbell’s Tomato Soup cans at the feet of his chrome monument in Union Square, neve-e-e-e-er.