The bar for subway drama caught on video has just been raised considerably as a man armed with a screwdriver attempted to commandeer a 5 train in the Bronx last Friday. Clearly disturbed, he managed to climb through the window of the front-car at the 149 St. station.

“I was shocked,” said motorman Darryl George. “I couldn’t believe it – he was inside my cab.”

The Daily News posted video of the chaotic incident. It shows passengers urging George to let them help him. One man can be heard repeatedly saying, “Open di bloodclot door!”

The motorman was able to briefly escape, but then realized it probably isn’t a good idea to leave the man, identified as Richard Arrocho, near the controls and so they struggled to regain control of the cab. They eventually got him to open the door and calm him down. He was eventually arrested by cops as the Jackson Ave. station, and apparently has a history of mental illness.