Earlier this week, environmental activists from Times Up announced they would ride their bikes to Grand Central Terminal and then board a train to Peekskill.

It’s only a few miles from Indian Point, the nuclear power plant they planned on protesting against by way of a mock evacuation. As the group made it to the terminal, the police sprang into action. A MTA officer can be seen asking them for their bike permits, which is strange, since that’s what the conductor traditionally does … on the train. They were then told that they would be arrested if they unfurled their banner. And then things took a turn for the weird as six NYPD officers escorted them on the train to their destination.

They rode away and made it to the front gates of the power plant and proceeded to the marina for an awaiting sailboat, but not before the New York State Police followed them as well, proving that freedom of assembly is still permissible, as long as its done under the watchful eye of three law enforcement agencies.