I’m by no means a birther and cringe every time a prominent Republican drags down the decorum of this presidency by questioning Barack Obama’s citizenship, but the time has come for him to make the original birth certificate public. This “issue” has basically become the GOP’s politically correct way of calling the president the n-word without any of the racist trappings, while upping the ante from a ‘you’re not one of us’ whisper to a ‘you’re not one of U.S.’ message.

And so far it’s working. There’s a hugely unreasonable amount of people on the right who are willing to adopt this as a fact, despite the certification of live birth and the birth announcements in two Honolulu newspapers. Without a doubt, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii, which although exotic, is still very much a part of the United States. So what is he so embarrassed of? He’s only making the 2012 campaign that much harder to win and by the time Election Day comes around, may even have Independents in blue states calling him a Mau Mau radical.