Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film is scheduled to shoot near Wall Street for 14 days this month and the protesters camped out at Zuccotti Park aren’t going anywhere… or are they? The LA Times had speculated that OWS would be incorporated into the film — ’cause Gotham’s all torn with chaos and civil unrest, dig? — but the New York Times confirms that Warner Bros has no plans to shoot the occupiers.

Will Nolan halt his $250-million production or will the city authorities aid one of world’s largest media conglomerates in clearing out “the set?”

Managing this hefty, expensive, sensitive shoot with the protest around the corner would be chaos — release forms, street blockage, extra security, oh my! Yet, if The Dark Knight Rises producers, who allegedly have reserved the space, did in fact force out the real OWS to shoot fictional boom-boom-bang drama allegorical to the real Gotham’s corruption, it would be a horrible kind of irony. (Image: Anjin Anhut)