Words With ‘Love Me’

03.23.11 Bucky Turco

The Downtown Diaries interviewed Curtis Kulig, the person responsible for writing and plastering ‘Love Me‘ around NYC for the past few years. Hailing from North Dakota, he eventually ended up in Manhattan thanks to the urging of a girlfriend, who not long after his arrival, broke up with him, motivating his unsanctioned (art)work ethic.

Kulig represents what I would call the “NECKFACE School of Graffiti,” a form of vandalism the public is more willing to embrace because they can easily read and relate to it. It’s also a designation, he’d likely reject, preferring to call himself an “artist,” smartly avoiding the “graffiti” writer label and all the luggage that tends to come with it. You can find the rest of the brief interview here and learn about the secret “missions” he used to go on with Mark the Cobra Snake and Shepard Fairey.