Today, with the help of some e-thuggery by 50 Cent and the power of Twitter, the temporary shutdown of hood culture and music website, World Star Hip Hop, set the internet ablaze. Like a virus, rumors spread so fast that Hot97′s Angie Martinez invited 50 Cent and WSHH’s CEO, Q, to discuss what happened on the radio.

Although Fif joked that he wasn’t the cause of the site’s interruption despite his tweets, he did confirm that he’s still suing them. When it was Q’s turn to give his side of the story, he stumbled with his answers, claiming he was having “technical difficulties” with the site due to “so much traffic.” Ha! Then moments later, he said he “missed a message,” which one would translate as “we got a DMCA notice, but didn’t respond so now our site is temporarily fucked.”

But who sent it? Apparently it was this dude, with the ridiculous sounding YouTube channel, dubbed: ishatonyou! He posted an image that Yahoo sent him confirming that they took action against the copyright infringing material—which makes sense since WSHH is hosted by the internet giant according to its WHOIS records. He also admitted it several times on Twitter.

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Anyway, ANIMAL reached out to him via YouTube mail, and he gave us the following account of what went down:

I thought 50’s response was funny. I posted the twitpic just to say you cant always believe what these artists say. Just because they are celebrities, doesnt mean they have the power to make a multi billion dollar web hosting site take down another. ‬

‪They uploaded a video of me shooting myself in the head as an online prank that was originally featured on WSHH posted it to their website and gave some other person credit for it. I emailed and twittered them asking for credit, then I got an email from someone saying they would have to charge me to give me the correct credit. So I filed the claim through their hosting agency. They have an online form to fill out on WSHH, but that will just get the video removed. Filing through Yahoo will put warnings on their accounts and end up having it taken down in the long run if they dont stop.‬

‪Took about a week for yahoo to remove the video and temporarily shut down the site. I dont think it was me filing that actually took the site down, rather they forgot to respond to the notice and ultimately got shut down.‬

Semi-related: Here’s the heavily branded video of the exchange between 50 Cent and Q had off air: