Oh no you didn’t, Ono… It’s possible that the fans and collectors who shelled out thousands of dollars for John Lennon prints at his widow’s SoHo exhibit may have been duped. Allegedly, they’re “cut-and-paste mashups” of Lennon’s themes — colored, altered, recomposed and otherwise fucked with by Yoko.

Also, edition of 3,000 hardly qualifies as limited. Yeah, sounds about right. 

A shit-stirring tipper/artist Gary Arseneau emails ArtInfo about the ironically titled exhibit “Gimme Some Truth: The Artwork of John Lennon:”

The so-called ‘Artwork of John Lennon’ being offered for sale in SoHo this weekend was actually posthumously forged in color and new compositions, each part of bogus editions with counterfeit John Lennon chop mark/signatures… The dead don’t create artwork, much less sign… Yoko Ono has no shame.

Yawn… She’s been selling it since the ’80s and lest we forget that tasteful breakthrough album cover.