New York-based Swiss artist Cornelia Hediger has created a new Doppelgänger-themed multi-panel photo-series wherein she spies on herself masturbating and threatens to stab her double with a knife and a fish. The oddball narrative of her “segmented tableau vivants” is quite intriguing… and delightfully kinky, laden with transparent psychological complexes.

She gets kudos for both the angsty, psycho-sexual element and for the honest kudos to her influence, the double-self portrait master, Claude Cahun. Likewise, her earlier work is heavily reminiscent of Francesca Woodman, down to re-staging her suicide. Let’s call it a quirky homage. See some entertainingly twisted new work at “Doppelgänger II,” Cornelia Hediger, Sep 7 – Oct 21, Klompching Gallery, DUMBO, NYC