Come November, it’s quite possible that at least three states will vote for the full legalization of weed. Oregon, Colorado, and Washington all have ballot initiatives that could spell the end of pot prohibition. This would have huge ramifications for the rest of the country and lead to significant discounts reports the Los Angeles Times as if this was a bad thing, specifically for New Yorkers. “They would be able to provide marijuana to New York state markets at one quarter of the current price,” said Jonathan Caulkins, a Carnegie Mellon professor. According to a source, literally, a pound of chronic in the city costs about $4,000. Based on Caulkins’ projections, that would break down to: $1,000 a pound, $250 a 1/4 pound, $62.50 an ounce, or $2.24 a gram. At that rate, even delivery services will have to start giving dignified counts to consumers. (Photo: Joseph Adams/Flickr)