If you knew your neighbor’s out of town at Art Basel Miami and saw some dudes you didn’t recognize go into his house and load eighteen 80-pound fiberglass tigers onto a flatbed of a truck… for hours… what would you do?

Well, this guy’s neighbor in opulent Gramercy Park took some photos. That’s helpful, at least.

The Post (ew) reports that real-estate mogul and wild tiger conservation enthusiast Paolo Zampolli (ey, Post: He’s also a United Nations Ambassador) was robbed while away “schmoozing” — in the afternoon, before sunset. The tigers are worth up to $100,000 each. Their exteriors were designed by famous artists and famous names, like Domingo Zapata and Bob Marley’s son. Zampolli says their total worth was $635,000.

The profits from the sale of 75 of his tigers, including those stolen and those he took to Basel, were due to benefit the Global Tiger Fund, a charity organization dedicated to conserving tigers.

Zampolli really likes tigers.

(Photo: NY Post, Haute Living)