You know how kids always hate school principals? You know how they make doodles of their principals with devil horns and crossed-eyes in the margins of their geography notes? Well, in this morning’s Scrooge news, we have an answer as to why. Assistant principal Deric Borrero of Intermediate School 24 in Staten Island stole 75 tickets to the Six Flags theme park that had been donated to the middle school’s students. He divvied up them between his brother, who attempted to sell 25 tickets on eBay, visiting family, and a Cub Scout troop. (Evidently, Borrero is sympathetic to Cub Scouts in ways he is not to other children.) He has been fined $25,000.00 and placed on probation for a year, according to the New York Conflicts of Interest Board. A more just punishment could have been just letting the kids at him. (Photo: Buschap/Flickr)