$25M in Broadband Money Will Make Your Internet Suck Less, Hopefully

08.28.12 Joshua Rivera

With all that talk about the city eyeing Silicon Valley for the renowned Best Place For Internet Things Ever award, you’d think the internet service around these parts would be a little less miserable. Not so.

But when Newspapers get into the business of handing out free WiFi, it’s time for cable companies to step up their game. In a press release published today, Time Warner Cable has announced that it “expects to invest $25 million to expand its fiber optic network in both ‘established and emerging’ business sectors around New York City,” BetaBeat reports.

It’s the first tangible move in Bloomberg’s big broadband plan–one that the particulars of which are still being ironed out. The Time Warner plan will bring more infrastructure to areas like Long Island City, the Flatiron District, and the Brooklyn Naval Yard among others. You can also expect to hear from other companies like Verizon and Cablevision who have agreements with the city sometime soon.

Watch out internet. We’re coming for you.

(Photo: iPhil Photos/Flickr)