3D Beijing Fashion Shoot

Matjaz Tancic is a Slovenian fashion photographer who has forayed into the world of experimental 3D photography, with style. No — it’s not 3D boobs, so calm your…nevermind. Tancic’s latest series is an homage to his newfound home — Beijing, China. Falling somewhere between fashion shots and street photography, Tancic’s series “Mimicry” manages to encapsulate the vast architectural landscape and distinctive personality of the Chinese metropolis.

After exhibitng his work at Chambers Fine Art in Beijing, Tancic brought the large-format photos to back to the original locations they were shot in. He then installed the 200 x 140 cm prints and invited friends and local residents to try on a pair of glasses to see the work for themselves.

There’s a startling disparity between the glossy, sexy muse-centered photographs shot on location and the actual less-than-sleek, real environment of said location. It brings an unusual, refreshing self-awareness to this fashion shoot. (Photos: Creator’s Project)