Recently, a mob of 40 teenagers raided a Cobble Hill candy store at once, making off with bags and bags of the sweet stuff. It’s a pretty ingenious idea–power in numbers, they can’t detain all of you–and I kind of wish I had thought of myself as a youngster. The store’s owners, however, were not quite as amused. After the robbery and a string of other thefts, the owners of Sugar Shop on Baltic Street hired two $500-a-week security guards to protect the goods. “This is the first time I’ve heard about security in a candy store,” said Troye Pryor, owner of First Rate Security, the company hired to surveil the shop. “Times are different. It’s rough out here.”

Andre Young, a 23-year-old former linebacker who’s working on the security detail, promised he isn’t out to rough up any sticky-fingered thieves. “I’m not here to muscle the kids,” he said. “I’m here to scare them a little bit.”

(Image: Bart Heird/Flickr)