520 Lucky Cats Are Waving At You

04.10.12 Marina Galperina

catsIf one waving Japanese cat is good luck and prosperity, than 520 Japanese cats waving their mechanical left paws in hypnotic, choreographed unison is very good luck and big money, big money. Or… it’s art.

Watch Boris Petrovsky’s installation of the popular Maneki Neko “Lucky Cat” XXL figurines in The Army of Luck, Or The Global Pursuit Of Happiness. Think good thoughts. Ponder its themes of Asian traditions and global commercialism. Bask in its intended kitsch. And then, 40 rows, 13 columns worth of robot cat will spell out whatever you input into the installation’s keyboard component, 40 characters at a time, as a continuous, freakishly synced crowd wave. Shiver.