66% Of NYC Loves Bike Lanes And Other Truths About City Cycling

08.23.12 David Lumb

Despite friction and outright opposition to Bloomberg’s campaign for adding 255 miles of bike lanes to the city, a recent poll by the New York Times revealed a solid majority approval for the city’s bike lane network. While the poll questions did not specifically address Bloomberg’s additions or plans for expansion, it found that two-thirds of NYers didn’t own a bicycle (though half said someone in their household did). Further, 40% of the 1,026 NYers polled knew nothing of the city’s high-profile bike sharing program, which has been delayed til next spring–a year past its initially-planned opening date. Complaints from the 27% who said bike lanes are a bad idea centered on the reduced street safety when cars share the street with bikes, which the “dooring” plague seems to support (unless you think drivers should, I don’t know, look out their window before opening streetside doors. Aside from these tragedies, accident statistics have not increased despite a massive influx of bikes since 1996). One hopes the bike-sharing program could (eventually) change that, but just over half of those polled said they probably wouldn’t use the service. (Photo: Elvert Barnes/Flickr)