You know how, in pirate movies, when the ship encounters a squall the captain yells out “man the pumps!”?

Some people don’t have to be pirates to do that. Or even at sea. They just have to live in Springfield Gardens when it rains, unfortunately. For residents of the more low-lying neighborhoods in Queens, turning on water pumps is something done out of necessity at first sign of a storm.

But dry land in stormy weather may be in sight, The Daily News reports.

Now, the city will soon begin a $70 million plan to dredge a nearby lake and improve drainage in the low-lying area. The project, known as Phase D, is part of a long-term, $130 million effort to improve Springfield Gardens infrastructure.

The dredging and improved drainage is expected to be completed in two years, with a projected completion window of Fall 2014. Until then, drink up, me hearties.

(Photo: MikaelleS/Flickr)