Audio was just released of the 911 call in New Brunswick, NJ that busted open an out-of-state NYPD safehouse in 2009–which was only made public after a lawsuit by the Associated Press. The safehouse was littered with pictures of terrorists, literature on the Muslim religion, and pictures of the neighboring buildings, according to the caller who dialed 911, Salil Sheth. The audio recording reveals the surprise of both Sheth and the NJ dispatcher at the NYPD’s presence: though the NYPD evaded answering exactly why the surveillance house existed, they quietly asked the FBI for their files back and requested to keep the men involved in the surveillance out of public comment. As WISH-8 TV reports, “Lt. Cmdr. William McGroarty and Assistant Chief Thomas Galati argued that releasing the recording would jeopardize investigations and endanger the people and buildings.”

Just a shot in the dark: the surveillance is part of the NYPD’s post-9/11 partner surveillance with the CIA of Muslim peoples, businesses, and religious buildings . The Associated Press released a friendly guide updating the public on the NYPD’s efforts to document where Muslims go to college (like Rutgers in NJ, just across the street from superintendent Sheth’s busted safehouse) and live in Suffolk, Nassau, and Newark. New Jersey Muslims slapped the City of NY with a lawsuit back in June for “invasive, discriminatory, and unlawful surveillance.” But the money comes from WISH-8’s poignant closing observation:

New York authorities have encouraged people like Sheth to call 911. In its “Eight Signs of Terrorism,” people are encouraged to call the police if they see evidence of surveillance, information gathering, suspicious activities or anything that looks out of place.

(Photo: Jagz Mario/Flickr)