In a promotional event spearheaded by the Campaign for Wool, a flock of 30 sheep may be transplanted to Bryant Park on September 27th. The animals would be encased in a large plexiglass structure and given free rein to chow down on the park’s grass, while spectators look on. The Campaign for Wool–an organization started by the Prince of Wales, incidentally–seeks to revitalize the world’s flagging wool industry. Their cheeky slogan: “All we are saying is give fleece a chance.” No kidding.

Backers of the plan presented it to Midtown’s Community Board 5 last night, and the greatest concern raised appeared to be about cleaning up after the critters. Thankfully, a park sanitation worker was there to clear things up. “Apparently sheep poop is hard pellets, so it’s easy to pick up,” he said. “We’ll take care of that. I don’t see any problem with that.”

(Image: Paul Woods/Flickr)