For some reason, New York-based artist Jack Caesaro has spent the past three years riding his bicycle around the country, towing a giant, bright pink cupcake. To hear him tell it, “it’s a love story, a heartbreak story, a lost love. The girlfriend I made the cupcake for, we broke up. We were engaged, all that stuff. Blah blah blah…” It’s okay, Jack. We’re here for you, buddy.

Ceasaro, who works as a prop designer for the American Museum of Natural History by day, began dragging the gargantuan confection around after the Lower East Side cake shop he built it for no longer wanted it in their display window. He’s currently on his second cross-country tour. “Its so much fun to ride around. Being an artist and painting abstract paintings all the time, no one really gives a flying ‘beep’,” he says. “[The cupcake]¬†brings out a lot of smiles and a lot of curiosity. In a small way, it can turn what may be a shitty day, into maybe a better day.”

Caesaro was last spotted in Portland. Follow his tour updates on Facebook and his official site.

(Photo: Cupcake and Bicycle/Facebook)