Amber Hawk Swanson has killed her sex doll doppelganger, that is, started a violent process of her reincarnation into a killer-whale. After marrying and ditching RealDoll clone to get molested at a bro-haha tail gate party, she managed to get censored by Ustream and now, here Amber Doll in pieces. Her photographed bits are on view at the Camel Art Space’s group show in Brooklyn, along with “a long, dense video in which she sternly reads the often over-the-top comments of an online thread about her art practice.”

Find Amber, stellar morbid tableaux, adventurous strangers at dusk, dirty pictures and other attempts at narrative through the medium of photography and drawing here: “Narrative Ability,” Group Show, Jan 6 – Jan 29, Camel Art Space, Brooklyn