A Triumvirate of Lies Envelop NYPD Muslim Spying Program

New documents reveal what Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Kelly, and NYPD Spokesman Paul Browne had been lying about all along: the department was spying on Muslims because they were Muslims. According to new documents regarding the NYPD’s Demographics Unit, a division whose existence was initially denied by police spokesperson Paul Browne, plainclothes officers were instructed to “focus on the smaller Muslim community” of the Syrian population in the New York area.

This report also specifically went after Egyptian Muslims in a similar surveillance plot in 2007. It states, “This report does not represent the Coptic Egyptian community and is merely an insight into the Muslim Egyptian community of New York City.”

That savory specification directly contrasts with statements made by Mayor Bloomberg in December regarding the NYPD’s investigative tactics. “The communities, whether they’re Muslim or Jewish or Christian or Hindu or Buddhist or whatever, all contribute to this city. We don’t target any one of them. We don’t target any neighborhood,” he said. Bloomberg more recently bullshitted in August when defending the department by saying, “We don’t stop to think about the religion.” Well… turns out the city totally does. Commissioner Ray Kelly spewed similar lies about the department’s profiling strategies in October by stating, “We don’t do it ethnically. We do it geographically.” Right, except when it comes to Muslims.