Even Emmy Award-winning screenwriters recycle their lines. Watch this supercut of Aaron Sorkin’s famous cinematic hiccups, from A Few Good Men to The West Wing to The Social Network and “Tom Hanks 1993 Oscar Speech for some reason.” Well, that was predictable. Well, that was predictable, boo-boo. You think?

“I’m not other people,” his characters say, like other people do. Maybe “plagiarism” is too hefty a word for this. Maybe he’s just a little cliche sometimes, oooh blogger taking shots at an Emmy winner’s writing that’s a great idea right right.

Even The Social Network has a few of those, huh? Well, that’s ok. Because it will get buried by the overwhelming directorial efforts of one Mr. David Fincher, whose style is so solid and sleek you can pretty much cut random scenes together to a Kanye West song and it will play like a real music video. Just kidding. Heart you!