Activists Remove Advertising From Stockholm Subway

01.25.12 Marina Galperina

AFKWatch these urban hackers remove all ads from a subway station and a train car, in one prolific sweep of soft vandalism. Operation Adblock (IRL)! Apparently, it’s as easy as sliding out the print ads and tinkering with the power-boxes of giant TV monitors.

In related news: Subway stations in Stockholm have giant TV monitors. Swank. And that’s a pretty pristine looking train car, isn’t it? Liberated from ads, it’s almost THX 1138-ish, comparatively.

As a final hurrah, the Planka group disables the clear robo-doors with plastic ties, allowing people to walk on in for free. Watch them throb open pathetically. Ha-ha?

UPDATE: There’s a reason. The activists of Planka.nu (Planka means “to jump a turnstile”) have a system for like-minded Swedes. For a hundred SEK (<15$) membership, they’ll cover your fine if you get caught jumping a turnstile in their fight for “for a no-fare public transport system:”

“Public transport is nothing you can compromise about. It is a vital part of the urban nervous system and is a public matter, a premise for the city’s economical and social life to function. The fact that public transport is too expensive is both a structural issue as well as a reality for individual people. It is not fair that a millionaire and an unemployed person has to pay as much for public transport. With tax-paid, fare-free, public transport everyone pays according to how much they can pay.”